Services & Solutions

GeoPath's Fiber Infrastructure Solutions Include

Slotted Fiber Design/Build

Project Management

Engineering Services

Infrastructure Maintenance

We work to support municipalities, universities, commercial businesses and residential users. Urban and rural areas alike, growing exponentially in demand usage also benefit from the process of installing the DAS system. The low powered DAS systems placement of small antennas on lampposts or buildings go virtually unnoticed by eliminating the need for large displeasing to the eye cellular towers and rooftop antennas.

What Makes Geo Path Unique

Proven Experience

Specialized Equipment

Team of Professionals

Specific to the Process

Project Management                                                            

Geo-Path provides clients with comprehensive solutions for fiber network deployments. A construction program solution is uniquely designed by our project managers, who perform and manage the entire project cycle.

Design-Build Services

Geo-Path has over twenty years of experience in Utility Network Infrastructure and Inlaid Fiber construction. 

Design - Outside Plant, design of the site, specifying equipment

Construction - Construction of Inlaid Fiber Infrastructure and building of network system

Site Implementation - Antenna installation, underground or overhead cable installation and commissioning of equipment for mobile stations

Installation, Activation, and Testing of Equipment

Engineering Services

Geo-Path provides its customers with comprehensive services in fiber network construction engineering activities. Construction supervision and inspection.

Preparatory Work - Inspection, existing utility investigations, preliminary design

Permits - Acquire and manage project permits, and site acquisitions, on behalf of the client

Construction Supervision/Inspection - Supervision of compliance with the conditions of construction, manage project controls

Infrastructure Maintenance

Preventive maintenance for mobile network operators and telecommunication service providers. Maintenance of equipment, infrastructure, civil works, apparatus, and system sites.

Emergency Service - 24/7/365

Hotline Center - reporting failures